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There is a 70% chance you will forget the content on this page by tomorrow.

We live in an always on, fast-paced information-rich age, but much of what we see and read is fleeting. Research has shown that adults retain new concepts and grow when the learning experience is:

  • Relevant now
  • Clear and compact
  • Applied and adapted quickly 
  • Connected to what we know  
  • Shared with others 
  • Revisited and deepened in spaced intervals over time 

WhatBox programs are designed for real growth in the context of busy lifestyles. Learning is collaborative with support of experts and peers. We create the safety to explore new terrain, apply new concepts and feel inspired to keep going! 

Possibility Labs 

Possibility Labs are safe spaces to connect, explore, experiment, and grow.

We believe conversations have the power to unlock endless possibilities. Possibility Labs offer powerful content, experiments and carefully constructed conversations that help busy leaders unlock real-world problems and lead powerfully amidst complexity, ambiguity and change.

Labs consist of multiple learning modules that together target a specific outcome. Each experience combines live and self-guided content with experiments and group discussion for deep awareness and sustained growth.

     - Optimized for a remote working world

     - Simple, visual, narrative-driven 

     - Immediate real-world application

     - Flexible yet accountable experiences

     - Support from experts and peers

A holistic approach to modern performance 

WhatBox Labs are rooted in the science of peak performance and behavioral change meets human-centered innovation. Labs integrate to deepen impact across three core areas that have proven to drive modern performance. We meet you where you are and help you build the skills, tools, and confidence to unlock and lead new possibility.

Mind to Thrive

Leaders who unlock possibility in today's world share ways of thinking and being. Explore what it means to 'power up' mental performance in a complex fast-evolving world and why peak performance starts from within.

Group Genius

Complexity takes a village. Mastering diverse perspectives offers new possibility even to our most wicked problems. Learn to tap into group genius, and how to effectively move groups through exploring, reshaping and remaking a new world.

Leading Possibility

Even amidst the world’s chaos, your vision can be clear, your people inspired, and your teams geared to realize new realities. Explore what it takes to 'reframe’ and level-up leadership for a modern era.



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Not all those who wander are lost.


We offer a variety of ways to engage and discover your possibility.


Possibility Labs - explore with peers and experts in 5-6 week experiential journeys.

Self-guided side roads - take a deep dive into self-led topics or curated content hand picked by our experts.

Coaching - experience individual or group coaching for deeper self-awareness, integration, and accountability.

Paths to Possibility - go deeper with collections of labs over several months that work together to deepen mastery.

Custom application labs - invite our experts to your table via guided strategy and problem-solving experiences using your real business context.

"This program changed the way we are innovating and problem-solving. It's the most impactful thing we've ever done".

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Mind to Thrive

Group Genius

Leading Possibility 

The path is never the same, but the end-game is clear.

Elevate leaders.

Unlock possibility. 

Create a better tomorrow. 

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