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 Our coaches are in your corner fostering the focus, creativity, adaptability and resilience to unlock possibilities in both life and work.

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Growing impact from inside out


WhatBox works with the whole person because we know healthy inspired individuals bring passion and possibility to all aspects of life.  We also know when your people thrive, so does your business. 

WhatBox Labs and Coaching are rooted in the brain science of peak performance and psychology of behavioural change and align to deepen impact across three core areas:


1) SELF - Uncover deep awareness of your strengths, natural bias and what ultimately drives you;  Our coaches help you identity growth goals and apply the latest in brain science habits that foster your best version of yourself in an 'always-on' era.


2) TEAM - Explore what it  means to activate possibility mindsets with others in order to drive shared goals. Discover how and when to best apply your strengths. Identify ways to increase your impact in a diverse workplace.


3) LEADERSHIP - Level-up leadership for a modern era. Cover topics like leading vulnerably, casting vision in an unclear world, leading with meaning and purpose, building possibility climates and leading sustainable transformation in a world of constant change.

Did you know?


Top Skills by 2025

  • Creativity / originality
  • Critical thinking / analysis
  • Active /adaptive learning
  • Complex reasoning / Ideation
  • Digital aptitude
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Leading change
  • Resilience / flexibility
*World Economic Forum Report 2021

"As the world pivots to a new beginning, skills are the new currency."

Balaji Ganapathy (WEF 2021)

Putting coaching to work for you

Coaching looks different for everyone. We celebrate that every individual and every day are different while also working with you to resolve the practicalities of offering expert coaching at scale. 



Experts in your corner

Select from a variety of coach styles, backgrounds and targeted expertise that best meet you needs now.  

Variety of ways to engage

Choose between in- person, remote, one-on-one or coaching circles. We flex with you as your needs change and grow.

Measurable Results

Individuals get actionable insights to inform growth, while leaders have access to trends that help you measure overall impact.

Elevate leaders.

Unlock possibility. 

Create a better tomorrow. 

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