We Power Possibility

Build the mindsets, confidence, and skills to thrive in any terrain.

The world is changing, and the future belongs to those who lead the way. At WhatBox, we know this means new ways to think, work, and lead. We exist to help leaders and teams:


  • Find focus

  • Unlock┬ácomplexity

  • Boost innovation

  • Supercharge collaboration┬á

  • Deliver on new value, again and again

How we help

Strategy on Purpose

We create focus on a future that matters.


We act as clarity partners and experienced counsel, for senior leaders looking to create purpose and define growth strategy.

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Possibility Leadership


We build leadership mindsets and skills to take the roads less traveled. 


We help leaders find focus amidst ambiguity, leverage diversity, navigate complexity and lead conditions where new possibility thrives.

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Creative Performance 


We help release the creative power of your workforce in measurable ways. 


We help you build self-powered forward-thinking teams who share safety, purpose, and passion for meaningful performance.

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How we're different


We are an uncommon and powerful mashup of experts here to help.


We know today’s leadership does not need a one-size solution. We are diverse-by-design team of experts in strategy, leadership, design, innovation and brain science that have done the hard work to understand and demystify performance in a modern world so you don't have to.


Meet the team

Growing Performance From Inside Out


Leading in modern terrain is not a direct path…and it takes a village. 

  • Navigating complexity
  • Collaborating across divides
  • Unlocking new directions
  • Making swift decisions
  • Driving progress over perfection
  • Constantly learning & adapting


We call this Possibility Leadership starts from within.


1) Power up focus, creativity, and flexibility

2) Elevate collaboration and group decision-making

3) Activate adaptive, inclusive and purposeful performance culture 


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Possibility Labs


WhatBox Possibility Labs are safe spaces to connect, explore, experiment, and grow your possibilities.

We believe conversations have the power to unlock endless connections. Possibility Labs offer powerful content, experiments and carefully constructed conversations that help busy leaders unlock real-world problems and lead powerfully amidst complexity, ambiguity and change.

The Brain Science of Possibility Thinking

Cognition is our most precious resource. Optimize your ability to focus and to tap into new thinking needed to build a better tomorrow.


Whole Brain Thinking

Get to know your brain. Understand your brain's thinking preferences, decision-making bias and unique blind spots. Increase self-awareness to make choices that lead to peak 'whole brain' performance and problem-solving prowess. 


Collaboration Games 

Explore the secrets to fast-track group problem solving. Learn the art of framing a single point of group focus, and moving groups effectively from ideas to action. Learn to leverage diversity and push through tough problems towards creative new directions. 


Leading with Purpose

Purpose translates into passion and authenticity. Moving from success to significance with a focus on purpose. Take a deep journey to discover your why and connect to  your role and strategy with new meaning. When you lead from meaning, good things happen. 

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Paths to Possibility

Paths to Possibility are customized collections of Possibility Labs that work together to target shared outcomes.


Six to 12 months in duration, each part of the journey builds on the last to build confidence and deepen impact.

Whether your team is working on elevating thinking, collaborating more effectively, or pioneering new directions, we can tailor a Path to Possibility for your needs.


Possibility Coaching

Your people are your only sustainable competitive edge. WhatBox grows healthy, focused, inspired leaders and teams through personalized and comprehensive coaching experiences. We focus on growing possibility from inside out, working with the whole person while simultaneously aligning and fuelling organizational outcomes. 

  • Diverse pool of deeply experienced coaches
  • Possibility coaching in context of your business goals
  • Remote and in person options 
  • Sustainable and measurable change  


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Elevate Leaders.


Unlock possibility.


Create a better tomorrow.

Let's connect.

This program transformed the way we view innovating and problem solving. It’s the most impactful thing we’ve ever done. We’re excited to put our new skills into practice!

Barbara Conn
CEO Morrison Living (Compass Group)

WhatBox helped streamline our creative thoughts into actionable goals. They brought focus, expert facilitation, and coaching of the team’s leadership to help us identify a dynamic and creative new direction for growth. We could not have done it without them.”

Tomer Zvulun, General & Artistic Director of The Atlanta Opera

"This session is among the best we've had. It took the fear out of innovation for me. Great tools to and real-life practice. Exceptional and will take our company to the next level!