The Whole Brain Advantage

Why 'Whole Brain' Thinking Matters

Everybody thinks differently, but few organizations are able to leverage cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage. 

Our brain is the single most powerful influencer of our choices and behaviour. The way we think guides our choices and behaviour.  The way teams think influences how they engage, problem-solve and collaborate. The way groups of teams think and work can make or break the success of the organization.

Whole Brain thinking refers to a process of understanding your brain's thinking preferences, or hard-wired biases, in order to get more from your thinking and the thinking of others. Whole Brain thinking enables us to flex our strengths when they are most helpful, and to grow our capacity to flex our style for increased impact when a situation calls for it. 

While there is no 'right answer' or 'perfect profile' for a single brain, research tells us that cognitively diverse teams are faster, more creative, more engaged and ultimately more impactful. 

Diverse teams are 6X more likely to be innovative and agile and 8X more likely to achieve better business outcomes.

- Juliet Bourke, Which Two Heads are Better than One 

 About this experience

In The Whole Brain Advantage, we will explore what it means to be a 'Whole Brain' thinker and why it matters more now than ever. We will share a time-tested framework used by 97% of Fortune 100's and individual assessment results that will help you

  • decode your brain
  • optimize your thinking
  • understand your natural bias
  • uncover blind spots
  • identity your problem-solving strengths

We will apply this science to understand how bias creeps into team collaboration and what to do about it to increase the creativity and productivity of your team. 

You’ll leave this experience with increased awareness, and a tailored plan to embed Whole Brain Thinking in your life and leadership.

You will also leave with the tools you’ll need to continue to grow your thinking




  • Understand your brain's thinking preferences, decision-making bias and unique blind spots
  • Increase self-awareness to make choices that lead to peak performance and problem-solving prowess 
  • Identify how and when to best play to your thinking strengths 
  • Learn how to grow your capacity to adapt to the style of others
  • Learn how to create and get the most from truly diverse teams

7-Module Journey 

Each module is designed to create new awareness, observe new concepts in practice and then engage with peers and experts to bring those learnings into real-world application.  Participants will enjoy a broad variety of coach-guided content including videos, podcasts, live conversation, etc.  


Module 1 - Whole Brain Thinking Overview & Debrief 

This is our launch module. In this first live session, we will establish the context, and high-level outcomes of this course; preview of your journey and engagement with your cohort; introduction to your guides and resources. We will introduce the foundational science behind Whole Brain thinking; including a debrief of your individual and team profile.

The subsequent 'sustainability' modules build on this foundation to expand and deepen mastery of Whole Brain thinking; starting with self and then broadening to the engagement of others and further still to applying Whole Brain concepts to broader team and organizational context. In each module we follow the same format:

  • Observe – yourself or those around you to raise their awareness
  • Try it out– apply new concepts or practices in pragmatic ways  
  • Discuss – share and explore outcomes with peers to deepen and cement the learning
Module 2 - Energy 

Understanding what feeds and drains your brain's energy and how to use this awareness to optimize your thinking throughout the day 

Module 3 - Thinking Agility  

Understanding how to build comfort and flexibility to leverage thinking styles that are not your 'go to' 

Module 4 - Whole Brain Communication

Using the Whole Brain framework to better communicate to those not like you and to increase impact with diverse groups 

Module 5 - Whole Brain Collaboration 

Getting the most out of diverse groups and learning when to flex thinking preferences for best outcomes  

Module 6 - Getting Others on Board with Change

How to leverage Whole Brain thinking to decode what helps get diverse groups to get on board with change 

Module 7 - Whole Brain Innovation 

Applying cognitive diversity to drive creativity and holistic innovation 

About your guide

Crystal Fernando, the Founding Partner of WhatBox, is renowned as a global leader and change-maker. Crystal has deep expertise in and a long history of helping leaders around the globe bring new ideas to market. Crystal has been helping teams foster and leverage cognitive diversity for 15+ years and has done over 4,000 Whole Brain assessments worldwide. Crystal takes great joy in helping leaders create inclusive, creative and adaptive teams who together unlock purpose, passion and possibility. 



Crystal Fernando

Founder,WhatBox Innovation Partners

Executive Coach 

Exceptional and needed to take our company to the next level! 

-CEO, FinTech 

"Truly above expectations. The amount of energy felt and I'm still hearing feedback from the team! This is was great growth for all and we are looking forward to keeping the Whole Brain conversation going."

- COO, Hospitality 

"An amazing session - eye opening. I've been through this workshop three times now and I still learn something each time."

-Vice President, Healthcare