Mindsets for a Modern Era

Thinking Matters

In this unprecedented moment, and in unprecedented world, it is no longer what you know, but how you think that determines your success, your health and your future.

While the world is demanding we think critically – even creatively - about our problems or situations, our brains are naturally wired to counteract this ‘call to action’ with rapid short cuts that limit our thinking and our possibilities when our terrain or outcome is ‘unknown’.   

What if we could train our brains and fine-tune our thinking skills to not only find comfort and confidence in not having the answer, but to calmly navigate unpredictable terrain with purpose, passion, and possibility – no matter what we encounter? 

Research shows that today’s peak performers share effective thinking patterns or 'habits of mind' that result in more creative and quality decision-making amidst change and complexity.

We call these Possibility Mindsets.

There are '5 to thrive' Possibility Mindsets and while each offers unique value, they also work as a system to power up thinking for you and those around you. 

Possibility Mindsets are simple and trainable with a little practice at all ages.

When shared and cultivated across teams, communities and organizations, these Mindsets help to power endless possibility!

"As the role pivots to a new beginning, skills are the new currency"
World Economic Forum 2021


 About this experience

In the “Mindsets for a Modern Era”, we will explore and apply ‘5 to Thrive’ Possibility Mindsets that will help you navigate and thrive amidst complexity and change.

Unlike other courses, this experience is scientifically designed to incrementally retrain and grow your brain's capacity for possibility thinking. Each module includes the science of the mindset, followed by personalized insight into where you are today and workouts that build capacity or 'mental muscle' to better leverage each mindset when you need them most.

You’ll leave this experience with the increased comfort, confidence, and capability to navigate and deliver on new possibility amidst complexity and change. 


  • Gain confidence to navigate uncertain terrain
  • Fine-tune thinking habits to find focus and direction in the face complex problems 
  • Learn how to leverage diverse groups unlock new insight
  • Learn to apply systems thinking to leverage patterns in complex systems
  • Build resilience to advance ideas into action and to fail forward with tenacity 
  • Learn how to create and sustain habits that grow capacity for possibility thinking for yourself and others 

5 Module Journey 

Each module is designed to unlock new thinking, observe new concepts in practice and then engage with peers and experts to bring those learnings into real-world application.  Participants will enjoy a broad variety of coach-guided content including videos, podcasts, live conversation, etc.  


In this live session, we will establish context and outcomes of this lab; preview of your journey; meet your experts in residence and connect with your cohort. Because each module shares the same familiar format, we will also orient you to the structure, support tools, community, resources, and best practices that will help you get the most out of this experience.

Module 1 - Flexibility

Fostering an open, adaptive, and optimistic engagement with uncertainty

Module 2 - Human-centered 

Applying empathy to create focus, meaning, and drive human value

Module 3 - Curiosity

Leveraging inquiry and diversity for break-through thinking  

Module 4 - Inter-Connection

Taking a systems view  to reduce noise, make new connections, and create focus efforts

Module 5 - Experimentation

Moving ideas to action early to and learning forward with tenacity


About your guides

Crystal Fernando, the Founding Partner of WhatBox, is a global leader and change-maker. Crystal has deep expertise in and a long history of helping leaders around the globe bring new ideas to market. Crystal works with top experts in strategy, leadership, design, innovation and brain science to demystify modern performance and create simple solutions for leaders who aim to live and lead others with purpose, passion and possibility. 


Crystal Fernando

Founder,WhatBox Innovation Partners

Executive Coach 

Dr. Gordon is a pioneer and expert on peak brain performance. Evian is the Founder of the first standardized international database on the brain's key capacities and performance. He is also Founder, Chairman, and Chief Medical Officer of Total Brain, the world’s largest research database on the human brain. Evian is also an artist specializing in painting interpretations of the brain and has a lifelong passion for the science of creativity. In this lab, Evian shares explores what it means to unlock the clarity, creativity and brain performance needed to thrive in today’s complex world. 

Evian Gordon

M.D., Ph.D 

Integrative Neuroscience of Productivity & Creativity