What is Intelligent Failure

Failure in a complex, ambiguous and fast-paced world is inevitable. The questions isn't if you will fail, it is how you will fail. We like this term 'intelligent failure' and wanted to share the model by Fail Forward to help inform your thinking about movement productively through failure rather than exiting from it.  

At WhatBox, we talk about failing forward and failing well. This means fail quickly, cheaply and safely. We recommend taking time before you begin this process to explore various ‘fail safe’ ways to gain feedback while minimizing risk.


Lastly, consider celebrating what failure brings. If your idea tanked, but you learned something that can be applied, it is a win. If you are moving forward, it is progress. Your response to failure will set the climate for more creative-risk taking and foster the resilience you need to keep moving forward.

With each step failing will find new ways to tame your toughest problems.

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