We help you unlock

and lead new possibility.  

Build mindsets and skills to thrive in a modern world. 

At WhatBox, we know that the future belongs to those who lead the way. We also know this requires new ways to think, work and lead. WhatBox solutions are for individuals, teams or entire organizations, of any size or industry, who want to transform their value in a radically shifting world. 

  • Unlock complexity
  • Clarify purpose & direction
  • Lead adaptive, self-powered teams
  • Build a people-centric culture
  • Deliver on new directions 
  • Create unwavering passion for progress 

Even in the world's chaos, your vision can be crisp and clear, your people inspired, and your teams geared to realize new realities. 

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How we help


We build new ways of being and doing that unlock the future.

How we're different


Our diverse and deeply experienced team is our unique superpower. 

We are a curious, passionate, and collaborative team of experts in brain science, leadership, innovation, communication and design.

We bring together diverse expertise to offer a powerful new view on performance in a modern world. 

This 'diverse-by-design' approach affords you access to insight, tools, and intangible know-how unrivaled by traditional solutions. 


Your business is only as exceptional as your people. 

We grow your people by creating focused, flexible, and creative leaders who are geared to deliver human-centric value. 

We grow your business through leaders who inspire others to join the collaborative and passionate pursuit of that value.  


We make a better world; one leader at a time.

How we engage


We act as a clarity partner and experienced counsel for leaders navigating innovation, transformation, or change. We are expert facilitators who love getting groups aligned, clear and moving. We support and bolster success, while helping you build the skills and habits to maximize creative results and scale impact.

Capability Building

WhatBox programs are designed for busy lifestyles. Learning happens in a familiar ‘workout’ style that is quick, applied, and integrated to build strength over time. Learning is collaborative with support of experts and peers, working together to tackle shared challenges. We make it safe to explore, adapt and feel inspired to keep going!  


Culture Design

Performing at an optimal level involves knowing where you currently are on the journey. We use proven innovation and leadership diagnostics that benchmark current capability and inform a plan to improve. We partner with you to design common language and toolkits that align and grow your leaders, teams and business.

World-Class Programs

Whether online or in person, learning with WhatBox is exactly how it should be; truly collaborative, deeply engaging and constantly evolving. 


Explore how to solve even your most wicked problems, while keeping it simple. Gain confidence to apply proven techniques that simplify complexity and foster creative solutions.

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Cognition is our most precious resource. Optimize your ability to focus and to tap into new thinking needed to build a better tomorrow.


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Asking powerful questions helps unlock complexity and fuel creative performance. The 'art' of asking great questions is one of the most important leadership competencies of our century. Learn the art and science behind powering up your questions, and your impact. 

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Complexity requires both creativity and collaboration. Learn the art of moving groups effectively from ideas to action. Learn to leverage diversity and push through tough problems towards creative new directions. 

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This program transformed the way we view innovating and problem solving. It’s the most impactful thing we’ve ever done. We’re excited to put our new skills into practice!

Barbara Conn
CEO Morrison Living (Compass Group)

WhatBox helped streamline our creative thoughts into actionable goals. They brought focus, expert facilitation, and coaching of the team’s leadership to help us identify a dynamic and creative new direction for growth. We could not have done it without them.”

Tomer Zvulun, General & Artistic Director of The Atlanta Opera

"This session is among the best we've had. It took the fear out of innovation for me. Great tools to and real-life practice. Exceptional and will take our company to the next level!

Elevate leaders.

Unlock potential. 

Create a better tomorrow. 

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