The Science of Peak Performance

& 'Possibility Thinking'

Why focus on thinking?

In this unprecedented moment, and in unprecedented world, a new currency emerges. It is no longer what you know, but how you think that determines your success, your health, and your futureMeanwhile, always-on, multi-tasking ways of working and living is killing productivity, dampening creativity, and taking a toll on our overall health and happiness. At WhatBox, we believe that connecting the science of our thinking to our ways of working and leading has the power to change, well, everything.

Today’s successful leaders:

  • know how to maintain focus amidst distractions.
  • see possibilities where others see limitations. 
  • navigate uncertainty with flexibility, openness, and creativity. 

That all sounds nice but you are not alone if you more quickly relate to:

  • feeling overworked and overwhelmed.
  • struggling to focus and complete tasks.
  • feeling a decline in energy or optimism.


Modern performance starts with the right state of mind. With an understanding of the neuroscience behind peak mental performance, we can all access focus, flexible thinking, and flow on demand.  You can also leverage science to nudge and rewire go-to thinking patterns to flex, adapt, and even thrive in these challenging times.  

When fostered and scaled across teams, shared 'thinking' habits pay exponential gains, resulting in increased creativity, adaptability, resilience, and productivity

"Reasoning, creativity and complex problem-solving are the top skills for the future." 

- World Economic Forum 2021


 About this experience

In “The Science of Peak Performance & Possibility Thinking,” we will explore what it means to 'power up' mental performance and why peak performance starts from within. We will share simple, proven techniques that foster increased focus, flexibility, and insight - both on demand and in the long run. 

Unlike other courses, this experience connects the science to your daily work life. It is designed by scientists to incrementally nudge and grow your brain's capacity for flexible thinking and quality decision-making. Each of the five modules includes the science behind how your brain thinks, followed by workouts that build capacity or 'mental muscle' to access and act on new insight. At the end of the experience, we also leave you with a repeatable '30-Day Quest for Flexibility' to integrate concepts and stick new habits.

You’ll leave this experience with the increased focus, thinking flexibility, and the tools to lead yourself and others to a better tomorrow. 


  • Get untangled from reactive thinking
  • Find focus, flexibility and flow on demand
  • Better navigate emotional hijacks and non-conscious bias that undermine your thinking
  • Learn how to start and stick new habits to grow capacity for better thinking 

5 Module Journey 

Each module is designed to unlock new thinking, observe new concepts in practice and then engage with peers and experts to bring those learnings into real-world application.  Participants will enjoy a broad variety of coach-guided content including videos, podcasts, live conversation, etc.  



In this live session, we will establish context and outcomes of this lab; preview of your journey; meet your experts in residence and connect with your cohort. Because each module shares the same familiar format, we will also orient you to the structure, support tools, community, resources, and best practices that will help you get the most out of this experience.

Module 1 - How the Brain Works

The foundational science behind possibility thinking; including where new ideas come from and how to tap into the reserves of the brain to uncover insight and "create and make new choices“

Module 2 - Possibility on Demand 

Unlocking new possibility in the moment even when pressure and stress are high 

Module 3 - Exploring Bias

Mitigating “below-the-surface" thinking and common biases that undermine possibility

Module 4 - From Problem to Possible 

Overcoming your brain’s natural tendency to 'short-cut' possibility thinking in the face of our most wicked problems

Module 5 - Little Habits, Big Impact

Creating habits that hardwire connections that grow possibility thinking. This module concludes with a personalized '30-Day Quest to Flexibility' to continue to deepen integration and mastery of concepts. 


About your guides

Crystal Fernando, the Founding Partner of WhatBox, is a global leader and change-maker. Crystal has deep expertise in and a long history of helping leaders around the globe bring new ideas to market. Crystal works with top experts in strategy, leadership, design, innovation and brain science to demystify modern performance and create simple solutions for leaders who aim to live and lead others with purpose, passion and possibility. 


Crystal Fernando

Founder,WhatBox Innovation Partners

Executive Coach, Strategic Advisor & Changemaker 

Dr. Gordon is a pioneer and expert on peak brain performance. Evian is the Founder of the first standardized international database on the brain's key capacities and performance. He is also Founder, Chairman, and Chief Medical Officer of Total Brain, the world’s largest research database on the human brain. Evian is also an artist specializing in painting interpretations of the brain and has a lifelong passion for the science of creativity. In this lab, Evian shares explores what it means to unlock the clarity, creativity and brain performance needed to thrive in today’s complex world. 

Evian Gordon

M.D., Ph.D 

Integrative Neuroscience of Productivity & Creativity